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07/10/14 11:59 PM #1    


Patty Tucker (George)

Wondering if anyone has contact info for Sharon Miller. I think she moved to the metroplex after high school. Would love to find her. Thanks for your help. Patty Tucker George


10/02/15 09:21 AM #2    


Harry Huttash

Hello Everybody, this is Harry Huttash and just wanted you all to know that there was a recent marriage by one of our classmates. Congratulations to Jimmie Whitmire and his new bride.

04/10/16 01:13 PM #3    


Harry Huttash

Hello everyone it was great seeing all of you who attended our 45th. I am so sorry that  Imissed some of you that attended but were not at  the Sat night evening event. I am also sorry that many of you could not be there at the 45th. I almost did not come because of a very busy work load but my special thanks to Robbie for encouraging me to come and I am sure glad I did. Thank you Robbie. Also want to thank Karen as well and others that made the commitment to make this so special for all of us. If I missed anyone to thank, I am sorry but know that you are so appreciated to. These are many missing class mates as well as those who have seem to have vanashed from our class and I do wish that everyone could come and part take of this wonderful opportunity to see and great one another and even meet new friends that we may have not even known in our High School days.

God Bless all of you and your families,

Harry Huttash

04/13/16 07:40 PM #4    

Robbie Sperry (Burket)

Thanks Harry!  I am glad you could come even if only one night!  Great to see you again!  Hoping we can find some of those missing and get some of those that are still reunion nay sayers to come to the 50th!


12/27/17 10:01 AM #5    


Alvis Hargrove

Enjoyed the 45th reunion and all those I got the chance to see.  The music was great and I enjoyed talking with the disk jockey.  Was wondering about pictures from the 45th reunion.  I thought they were going to be posted but then doesn't really matter.  Hope everyone is doing well and best wishes for the coming year.

12/28/17 08:34 AM #6    


John Harasimo

I attended the 45th reunion and am SO glad that I did. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to so many that I had such very fond memories of from our high school days. It was absolutely a blast!   There was a sad moment though when I looked over those that have passed. So many of us.  It is for this reason that I would hope that we all continue to take advantage of the very exciting event whenever it happens in the future. Also want to thank the dedicated hard work of Robbie, Karren and th others that make this happen.  They are very special people and I applaud them for doing it.

Hope all of you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and will also spend a safe, blessed and HAPPY New Years with your family and friends. 

11/18/19 10:16 AM #7    


Harry Huttash

Hello everyone, just a little information for our class mates. Marvin Hamilton and I came to WF yesterday to visit Jimmie Whitmire at the facility on Armory Rd where he is in rehab for his recent strokes.He will be there thru the end of this week. Please drop by and say hello for he would love to see you.
Encompass Healrh Rehabilitation Hospital of Wichita Falls.
3901 Armory Rd.
Wichita Falks, TX. 76302
940 720 5700
Harry Huttash 💚

11/19/19 08:38 AM #8    


Harvey Nacol

Hi Harry,  I read your message and I didn't know that Jimmie has suffered many strokes.  I haven't spoken to him in years but we were close growing up and at TCU.  Please give him my very best wishes for his recovery and will keep him in my prayers!  Please tell Marvin hello for me.  Hope he is well and would love to catch up!

11/19/19 09:29 AM #9    


Harry Huttash


 Will do Harvey, will call you sometime and we can talk. Here are the numbers for Jimmie and Marvin. You should call them, they would be so excited to hear from you. Jimmie 940 704 4444, Marvin 972 839 9393





11/20/19 09:58 AM #10    


Harvey Nacol

Thanks Harry, very kind of you to corrdinate this.  It will be great to catch up with everyone!

10/07/20 07:16 PM #11    


Harry Huttash

Hello, would you please contact Joey Abousie regarding the project we are working on. We are needing donations to help with the cost of moving the grave of Lawrence to a better cemetary in honor of Him and his Family.
Thank you,
Harry Huttash 469 877 3390

10/07/20 07:19 PM #12    


Harry Huttash

Sorry, I spelled Joey's last name wrong.

10/08/20 09:48 AM #13    

Joey Aboussie

’71 Seniors,

 As many of you are aware, our friend & classmate Lawrence Williams passed away about 18 months ago.  Lawrence was buried in a little known & overgrown field of a cemetery north of WF.  In fact, shortly after his funeral, the cemetery personnel could not even locate his burial plot! To those of us that knew of the circumstances, it just didn’t seem like an appropriate resting place for our friend. 

 Today, October 1st, after months of frustrating delays, Lawrence Williams’ casket was removed from its horrific site at Eastlawn Cemetery and relocated to a scenic plot at Crestview Cemetery.  Katherine McGregor (Sister Edwards) and I witnessed the entire transfer occurrence.  This has been a lengthy (and publicized) ordeal, and lots of hoops were navigated to make it happen.  I want to specifically thank Stephen Garner and Ron Burdick, friends from his working days for their persistent efforts to get this accomplished.  Doby’s family is extremely grateful for honoring him in such a tangible way.  His serene final resting spot at Crestview is well groomed, surrounded by shade trees and is beautiful.  It’s perfect. 

 As you know, Lawrence was the Vice President of our class.  He was a great leader and a pioneer in many ways.  Arriving at WFHS two full years before integration was enforced, he paved the way for easing racial barriers.  He brought great success and achievement to our school. 

Now we would like to ask you to join us and some of Doby’s other friends as we raise the remaining funds for this undertaking.  We are in the process of raising $12,000 - $15,000 to cover the cost of exhumation, transfer, cemetery plot, grave markers, etc.  If you are interested in contributing, make donations payable to “Lawrence Williams Memorial Fund” and mail to the Lawrence Williams Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 3753, Wichita Falls, TX  76301. 

 On Saturday, February 20, 2021, a graveside celebration will be held for the 2-year anniversary of his passing.  All will be welcome, and we hope you can join us then.

Hope you are all well during this crazy season of life.  Stay safe and God Bless,

Joey Aboussie



10/08/20 05:07 PM #14    

Robbie Sperry (Burket)

I have now added Joey's letter to the announcement page (sorry for the technical difficulty on my end!)


02/06/21 09:50 AM #15    


Harry Huttash

Trying to post a Happy Birthdat message to Gary Rogers and his page will not let any postings take place. Why is this?

Harry Huttash

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